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Cracked Tooth Repair

As dentists with several years of experience, we are no strangers to repairing teeth with cracks. Whether it’s a front tooth hairline crack or cracked molar, Valley Smiles dental professionals got your back. We provide top-level cracked teeth repair as part of our general dentistry offerings. Our North Phoenix dental practice is ready to alleviate any cracked tooth pain you may be experiencing. 

Our teeth can take quite a large amount of stress. But due to various causes, there can be instances where a tooth can crack. Maybe an accident where severe trauma was encountered or a tough piece of food is the cause. Regardless of the reason, the pain a cracked tooth inflects can be intense. 

The team at Valley Smiles is more than capable of repairing a cracked tooth. Once completing a full examination, the appropriate treatment will be recommended. Our goal is to provide relief as quickly as possible without cutting any corners. Depending on our findings, fillings or crowns may be appropriate solutions. While the ideal treatment solution may be different depending on the severity of the crack, our top-level care is consistent. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized care that surpasses the needs of each patient. 

If you find yourself with a cracked tooth and need immediate care in the Phoenix area, Valley Smiles has your back. We can provide treatment for your entire family. Contact us to schedule an appointment.