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Dental Services - Phoenix, AZ

Clear Braces

At Valley Smiles, we understand that not everyone is interested in wearing traditional metal braces. That’s why we offer clear braces as one of our orthodontic services. Clear braces offer many of the same benefits as metal braces, but with a bit more stealthiness. Our Phoenix community deserves straight and healthy smiles. 

Clear braces are a type of braces that are made from clear or tooth-colored materials. Unlike traditional braces, which are made from metal and are very visible, they are much less noticeable. Clear braces are also known as invisible braces. They work in the same way as traditional braces, by applying gentle pressure to the teeth over time to gradually move them into the correct position. However, because they are made from clear materials, they are much less noticeable on the teeth. They are a popular choice for people who want to improve their smile but do not want to wear traditional metal braces.

Additionally, clear braces are often smaller and less bulky than metal braces, making them a more comfortable option for many people. Clear braces can be an effective option for both adults and children who are seeking to correct dental problems such as overcrowding, misaligned teeth, or bite irregularities. The compassionate team at Valley Smiles stands behind the proven results clear braces produce. 

If you or a family member are interested in orthodontic treatment, clear braces may be ideal. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Valley Smiles is passionate about giving our patients a smile they can be proud of.