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Dental Services - Phoenix, AZ

Dental Cleaning and Checkups in Phoenix

Getting in to see your family dentist for regular dental cleanings and checkups goes a long way in maintaining your oral health. At Valley Smiles, we look to provide the necessary dental maintenance to uphold your stunning smile. The best way to treat dental and oral issues is by preventing them. We offer comprehensive dental cleanings and checkups at our North Phoenix dental practice.

Daily dental hygiene is a big part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Brushing and flossing need to happen as part of your routine each day. Professional cleanings and checkups are still very much needed regardless of how excellent your oral hygiene may be. There are areas of the mouth that you cannot easily access and are prone to major buildup. Additionally, there is dental development that needs to be monitored by dental professionals.

Benefits of Dental Cleaning

1. Cavity Prevention

Eliminating tartar and plaque buildup serves as cavity protection. Allowing this bacteria to grow and live within your mouth will lead to your teeth’ enamel becoming compromised. Eventually, cavities will develop and will require further dental work.

2. Smile Brightens

Regular cleanings will help your smile stay bright and stunning. Depending on lifestyle choices and the foods that you consume, stains can develop on your pearly whites. Our comprehensive cleanings eliminate surface stains that build up on your teeth. We also offer professional teeth-whitening services if you’re looking to take it a step further.

3. Dental Issues Detected Early

As with many things in life, early detection of dental problems can increase the chances of successful treatment. During a thorough cleaning, our hygienists and dentists will be able to identify any potential dental issues before they become serious. X-rays that accompany your cleaning will also give us insight into your dental development.

Dental Checkups

Your devoted Valley Smiles dental professionals will conduct detailed dental exams. We look to identify and treat issues before they occur. Our compassionate team spearheaded by Dr. Lawrence Ebel, is committed to your dental health and providing unparalleled care. If it’s been a while since your last dental check-up, it’s imperative that you schedule an appointment urgently. 

Our comprehensive checkups will identify signs of decay or other dental damage. We always hope to not find any issues. But in cases where dental problems are identified, you shouldn’t worry. We’ll be able to treat whatever issue arises; we have the experience and the equipment to complete a wide array of treatments. 

Valley Smiles is a top dentist office in Phoenix, Arizona. We provide comprehensive dental care to families from all walks of life. Through our general dentistry services, like dental cleanings and checkups, we can maintain brighter smiles. Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more.